2017 Leaf Pick-Up Policy

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The 2017 Leaf Pick-Up Policy is now stated below:

City of Gibson Leaf Pick Up Policy for 2017.


1. Only leaves will be accepted for removal.

2. If leaf piles are contaminated with any material other than leaves, it will be passed over and left to homeowner/resident for removal. (We unload leaf material on farm ground therefore there cannot be materials other than leaves in the piles.)

3. Piles are to be in a straight line as close to the curb as possible, without being in the street.

4. Piles are to be no more than six feet wide.

5. Leaf piles in ditches will not be removed as this causes a safety issue. (Tripping, ankle turning, injuries to joints.)

6. Piles of mulched material will not be accepted. This type of material clogs the machine causing a safety concern, as well as elevated maintenance costs. (Leaving mulched material on your turf provides free organic material and nitrogen which is beneficial for turf.)
NOTE***Using Power Equipment to vac leaves is considered mulched***

7. Do not pile leaves over rocky areas or allow rocks to infiltrate the leaf piles. (The leaf vac machine creates a lot of force from a large impeller causing rocks and landscape material to become high speed projectile.)

8. Material from the homeowners/residents property (i.e. trimmings from shrubs and waste from flower gardens) dead rodents or pet waste should not be put in leaf piles.

9. Leaf pickup will begin approximately November 1st ending approximately December 1st.

Operating and maintaining the leaf vac equipment, coupled with labor costs, is very expensive. Please help and do your part to keep expenses down and safety a top priority.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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