Gibson City Recycling
South of City Hall

8:00-11:30 AM Every 1st and 3rd Saturday

Accepted Material

Plastics - Plastic containers labeled 1-3
Aluminum - Aluminum cans, foil, cookware
Tin - Tin cans, aerosol cans, empty paint cans, hangers
Paper - Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, phone books, office paper, paperbacks
Cardboard - Flattened boxes, paper bags, food containers, gift boxes, and tubes

Unaccepted Material

Plastics - No toys, oil containers, plastic bags, buckets, lawn furniture, vinyl siding, food wrappers
Aluminum - None
Tin - No propane cans
Paper - No hardback books, wrapping paper, windowed envelopes, construction paper, carbon paper
Cardboard - No wax board, juice and milk cartons, cardboard containing metal or plastic

Miscellaneous unaccepted items
Styrofoam of any kind, Appliances, Electronics, Furniture, Lawn and Farm Equipment, Medical supplies, Clothing, Garbage, Construction materials, Automotive batteries.

No Glass of any kind can be accepted
$20-residents of Gibson City, $15 for senior (over 60) residents
$25-non-residents, $20 senior (over 60) non-residents

Passes can be purchased at Moyer District Library or you may contact Karen Kummerow at 217-784-5919.

Here is a site that has a great deal of good information about recycling specifically and taking care of the environment in general. The Gibson Area Recycling

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